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Join the Ponti's Team

We are family run and owned and we look after our team as well as we look our customers.

We want all our staff to feel part of the Ponti's family from day one - free to make decisions and to express your personality and have your ideas and opinions valued. We want you to give our guests a great experience and have the instinct to make people feel genuinely welcomed - sharing our passion for great food and service.

We can't teach you to smile - you'll have to show us you have a natural empathy and a quick mind which can make the right judgement call in a busy and pressured environment. We are a fun and focussed team who are always looking to raise the bar.

Chef Robert Huza making at Ponti's Italian Kitchen, Fox Valley, Sheffeild

For the career of your life

Raw talent and untapped potential is what we are looking for - an unpolished gem who will really shine with the training and development we can give you here at Pontis.

From the moment you join the team our mentoring, training and motivation is all aimed at enabling you to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.

We are looking for outstanding individuals who are keen to come on the journey with us. We know that talent costs and we pay well with benefits including a pension, paid holiday and free meals. There are also staff discounts and a great working environment. You'll also be incentivised with fun events and fact finding trips to Emilia-Romagna - the bread basket of Italy and our homeland. Its important to us that you meet our Italian family and suppliers and experience where the passion was born and why it continues to inspire us today.

The only true genius is Mother Nature, I am but a cook - Marco Pierre White

Roxy at Ponti's Italian Kitchen, Oxford Circus, London

Ready to apply?

Please select your preferred location and email your name and contact details to us.

Please attach your CV to your email as a .PDF or Word .doc/.docx File.

We do read every CV sent in but can only respond to those that seem to be a good fit. We wish everyone good luck with their job search.

Meet the Ponti's Italian Kitchen Fox Valley Team, Sheffield